During this difficult period of social isolation, we sought a technological solution to maintain MUN activities going on. A new system of simulation was developed to supply the needs and overcome obstacles, this one being completely online.
This solution maintains the hunger for knowledge and seeks to allow participants the unique experience of simulating. With years of experience in the field of face-to-face simulations, Internationali Negotia is honored to start a new integrative educational process.
Internations works using two main platforms: Zoom and Internationali's site ( The first is used to provide high quality audio and video connection, essential for the debate while the latter is focused on the other tools needed to accomplish a state-of-the-art Model UN.
The Online MUN Championship is part of Internationali's efforts to expand its field of work, providing a new way of teaching and learning to delegates from all over the world. Internations is able to provide that, and also interconnect these delegates in one global final, where the best delegates from each country will debate globally relevant matters.
In this global final, one best delegate will be chosen to win an incredible prize: flight tickets for Brazilian International Model's - MIB - final stage, including the accommodations in Royal Tulip - a 5-star hotel in Brazil's capital, Brasília, where the conference takes place, besides the inscription's fees.
Here are all the places in the world where a school, MUN or University is being contacted or where one of our conferences is taking place. We know that direct contact with different cultures generates learning that is not easily acquired in other ways, that's why our team is organizing this moment to generate both this learning and to develop different forms of communication from the online experience and the MUN experience itself.
If your country is not located and you would like to be part of this learning experience, please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can arrange this for you.


Find out what we have planned for participants at this year's edition

After this pandemic, the world will still suffer, but the objective of this committee is to think about new pandemic protocols and to analyze all types of reconstructions needed after COVID-19. How will the world survive all of this?

Discussing the pandemic we are experiencing, the committee is looking for ways to improve the situation in the health and social aspects of countries.

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February 2021
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