Who are we

INTERNATIONALI: reconstructing the future

Internationali Negotia is an institution that renovate the education in Brazil for over 17 years. By UN, law, legislative, business, among others, developing traditions that traditional classes can’t promote.

Founder at the concept of models done at schools in Brazil since 2001, initially in Brasilia, today it is present from north to south of the country and build customized conferences to schools, cities and counties. Personalize activities by adapting the academic calendar of each institution and location where it acts.

Highlights by integrating all models by the system “MIB” – International Brazilian Model. To be part of this event, there is a selection of the best delegates participating in our internal models’ and promote the awarding of the best contrasts of the edition. Approximately 30% of the constituents of each Internationali conference of a state are reunited in a regional step (MIB DF, MIB GOIAS, MIB PARANÁ, etc) The highlights of those MIBS are invited to the national Final. In this one, the participants must sleep at the conference accommodations and late-night crisis might occur. The best delegates of 2014 and 2013 editions get as a prize, a flight ticket, accommodation and inscription to the UN model in Harvard University. Representing, in this way, our worldwide match.

Innovates for its activities contemplate, not only high UN models for High Schools, but also to models realized by academic in the law (Supreme Federal Court), legislative (Chamber of Deputies and Senate), Business (Young Businessperson), Journalism (Communication Agency), Playful (Intergalactic Senate of Star Wars), Historical (Pre-Revolutionary French General States), Health (World Health Organization), Technological (Committee on Science and Technology), etc. All above allied to the content in class and admission tests. Not only High Schools, but also College, University, Grade Schools and Intelligence Deficiency Students.

Prep Courses, such as ONE – Oratory, Negotiation and Etiquette norms, and also vocational, like the Oficinas do Milênio (Millennium Workshops), to be also part of the range of services offered by the institution. Both used as a model’s tool to promote an active learning.

Socially Responsible, the institution created sustainable models to the community with none or low costs, created models with intelligence deficiency, down syndrome, etc, and look forward to using recycled material or of great durability in all materials confectioned to its conferences.

Innovating Institution, the enterprise launches the main trends for models in the country. Compromised to realize reality alike models, and does not spare efforts to always look over of what is most modern. Being selected by UN to be part of a UN models organizers conference in Tokyo (Japan);; It is the first institution of our country to leave aside the traditional rules of British debates, with expressions known such as “Any Point or Motion?” – Non-existent in UN – and use some of their suggested rules also. Launched the INCLUBs - Clubes Internationali - – Internationali Clubs – center of free studies inside schools that help the students to lead models inside their schools, having students as leaders (The INCLUB meetings are already famous, more than 30 meetings all over Brazil). Throughout INTERBRASIL, democratized the access of model activities to the big capitals, interior counties that has never gotten such modern access to educational tools. Hope is that in 15 years to be present in over 2500 Brazilian counties.

Motive of Pride to the Brazilian Society, INTERNATIONALI takes the responsibility of changing the story of our country. In a society where a lot waits their governments to solving problems, tries to organize them to come up with an independent solution to the primordial necessities. Change the world means to teach people how to see things. To change is to Teach. This way, we chose the education as our field of work to contribute to the reconstruction of the future.

Director General: Emiliano Alves Amorim

Secretary: João Victor Tocantins

Secretary: Gabriel Ribeiro Moreira

General secretary: Diogo Tataharu dos Santos